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January 21, 1:00 pm EST

With its proposed Consumer Duty rule, The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is signaling a major shift in expectations for financial services firms under its watch, as it steps up efforts to shield everyday consumers.

The Consumer Duty will impose a higher standard of consumer care at every stage of the customer relationship while focusing on outcomes, and stopping harm before it happens. In short, the Rule affirms the duty to put consumers’ interests first and makes it clear that senior managers will be held accountable when this doesn’t happen.

Concerned about complying with this new rule?

Javelin_Strategy_Research_Logo.jpgWatch this webinar (after registration) where we will have an informative conversation with the compliance experts from NICE Actimize. William Trout of Javelin Strategy & Research will join the panel to share his thoughts on the topic. We’ll discuss:

  • Highlights of the FCA’s proposed Consumer Duty rule and what will be required under the new regulation
  • Potential implications for firms that do not comply
  • Steps for assessing your firm’s readiness for Consumer Duty
  • How to address any current surveillance gaps and comply with the new requirements


William Trout
Director Wealth Management
Javelin Strategy & Research
   Osvaldo Berrios
Subject Matter Expert – Suitability
   Anand Maheshwari
Senior Product Manager
NICE Actimize

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