Product Manager, Suitability Surveillance
Anand Maheshwari

Meeting regulatory requirements relating to the sale of financial and investments products is a highly complex aspect of the financial services industry.

Recent supervisory and enforcement actions from regulators underscore the challenges financial institutions face in ensuring they have adequate policies, processes, systems and controls in place to protect clients from mis-selling, unsuitable recommendations, and other problematic selling practices.

This entails ensuring front-line staff properly understand their clients’ needs, and the financial and investment products they offer or advise on. Firms must also ensure client communications include adequate product information and risk disclosures, and that products and recommendations are ultimately suitable for individual clients.

Watch this webinar from 23 May 2023 where we discussed regulatory expectations on financial product sales in APAC, the measures and controls firms should have to prevent mis-selling and abusive conduct, and the steps they should take to ensure compliance with suitability requirements across the region.


  • Mitigating risk in an evolving landscape
  • Regulatory expectations and lessons from enforcements
  • Knowing your products and their target markets
  • Knowing your customers and their risk tolerance
  • Sales practices - surveillance, monitoring and record-keeping
  • Appropriateness and suitability of products and recommendations

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